Live Insurance News invites readers to the Unite Challenge

Unite Challenge program for insurance agents and business owners

The Unite Challenge is helping people interested in taking their business to the next level with success thinking strategies. Live Insurance News, also known as LIN, has secured a special invitation for their readers this week to a unique life changing e-course style program taught by self-made millionaire, Jason Fladlien. Insurance agents, small business owners and success oriented people from all over the world are invited to join the Unite Challenge with Jason Fladlien in their pursuit of business success that steps beyond just money and wealth. When asked, the…

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4 Essential Things to Remember When Buying Life Insurance

life insurance

Whether you’ve already bought life insurance or are in the process of purchasing a plan, you know how important a decision it is. Your life insurance policy is what will help take care of any loved ones you may leave behind. Because of that, you want to spend time deciding which policy is best for you and your family. When looking at a policy, there are many factors that come into play. In fact, there are so many things to remember and questions to ask that it can become overwhelming…

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UCLA Health Report offers data to compare for future healthcare use

healthcare statistics

The 2016 Presidential Election brought a large shift in policy opinion and direction. Reports on the current progress due to actions of the Obama administration are likely to be used as a base of comparison in the coming years. Most notably, the progress due to affordable health insurance. Unlike car insurance or homeowners insurance, health insurance is something Americans struggle with getting for both their family and themselves. America struggles in policy creation by deciding whether to make plans affordable for mass consumption or left for those who can afford…

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Renters insurance now available from Esurance in Illinois

renters insurance esurance

Coverage premiums in the state will be starting as low as $16 per month. Although Esurance is best known for being an auto policy company that sells directly to the consumer, in Illinois, it is now also offering renters insurance to residents of that state. The policies are available to both existing and new customers of the insurer. This added renters insurance is being sold as an add-on to the auto coverage, which is the main product offered by the insurer. It is not, however, being sold as a standalone…

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Renters insurance now being offered by Esurance in Wisconsin

esurance renters insurance

Tenants in the state are being offered coverage for as little as a monthly ten dollars. Esurance, an insurer that is best known for its direct to customer auto coverage, is now offering Wisconsin tenants a new renters insurance policy to cover their possessions. This protection is being sold to consumers in the state for premiums as low as ten dollars. The new renters insurance coverage is being offered as an add-on to the auto insurance policies already available through the company. It is available to both existing Esurance customers,…

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Esurance announces new Facebook auto insurance discount of 10 percent

auto insurance facebook promotion

The insurer’s Like to Save offers are available to almost 13 million drivers in Texas. Auto insurance company, Esurance, which is known for its direct sales to consumers, has announced the launch of a Facebook promotion for drivers in Texas, who can receive a discount of 10 percent on their coverage simply by clicking “like” on the insurer’s page. This auto insurance promotion is the first of its kind and is meant only for that social network’s users. According to Esurance, this effort is a natural extension of its existing…

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Latest Allstate insurance news shows its initial adjustments to its Esurance acquisition

Five Things to Consider Before You Invest In Business Insurance

The Northbrook, Illinois-based insurer has completed its first full quarter of ownership. Allstate has just completed its first quarter since it purchased Esurance, at a price tag worth $1 billion and topped insurance news, to help it to establish itself more firmly in the online marketplace, which is currently dominated by Progressive and Geico. As of yet, many analysts remain skeptical about the potential offered by the acquisition. Equally, Allstate knows that it must create a place for itself online, regardless, as it is a preferred place for purchasing policies…

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