Attensity unveils new insurance industry social analytics solution

Insurance Marketing ToolsTop Social CRM social analytics and engagement app provider, Attensity, has announced its latest product, which consists of a solution for the insurance industry that broadens the flagship text analytics app by the company with new and unique topics, category sets, dashboards, and reports that are designed specifically for the needs of the insurance industry.

This new solution has been created to allow insurance carriers and other businesses within that industry to perform a timely and accurate analysis of customer conversations over social media as well as other unstructured sources, so that fraudulent claims can be identified more quickly and easily, points of customer struggle can be spotted, and the claims experience can be improved overall.

According to the Attensity vice president of marketing, Rebecca MacDonald, today’s insurance providers are facing rapidly increasing costs as they fight a growing battle to attempt to perform an analysis on the massive quantities of unstructured claims data that is created throughout the current claims process and attempts to minimize fraud.

MacDonald added that this new solution was developed on a foundation of “work with leading insurance providers and delivers the key analytics capabilities they need in an easy-to-use, quick-start package designed for insurance business users.” It is meant to help in the quick analysis of the tremendous amounts of unstructured data that arrives in the form of claims, notes from adjusters, social media, customer feedback, emails, and reports from third parties such as medical, police, and inspection reports.

It will allow for the measurement of both positive and negative feelings and experiences, and delve more deeply into the specific issues that are generating these impressions.

Mobile commerce is also affecting the insurance industry and how business is done. Many social media experts are advising that industry professionals learn more about this growing trend.

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