Allstate uses wellness programs for effective talent retention

Wellness Programs - People Working out at gym

The insurance company’s efforts are working in the United States and Canada.

Allstate has come across an effective way to promote improved talent retention through the use of wellness programs for its team members.

Companies are coming to discover that employees like working for businesses that take care of them.

According to an RBC Insurance survey conducted last year in Canada, 80 percent of workers felt their overall wellbeing would be better than it currently was if their employer would offer certain benefits. More specifically, they felt that personalized wellness programs designed for their unique health and wellness goals and interests would do the trick.

That same survey also revealed that 94 percent of respondents would prefer to work for a company that shows it cares for their wellbeing and overall health. Allstate is a company that has already been implementing that type of wellbeing efforts for its employees.

The goal is to use wellness programs to make employees happier and will stay with the company.

At the end of last year, for instance, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada became one of only five firms in the country recognized within the GoodLife Fitness Health & Wellness Leadership Awards. This was the third consecutive year in which the insurer was recognized with that award.

The Allstate insurance company has been increasing its focus on developing a healthy workplace. The goal has become a part of its overall strategic framework, which emphasizes the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits and incorporating holistic wellbeing practices.

“We have a four-pronged wellness approach, which allows us to reach various employee groups depending on what matters to them at that particular time,” explained Allstate Canada vice president of people, culture and communications, Adrianne Sullivan-Campeau. She went on to explain the company’s “support across, physical, nutritional, financial, and mental” categories.

This way, all Allstate employees are able to focus on the parts of the wellness programs that are most important to them at any given time.

As the competition for new talent in the U.S. and Canadian insurance industries is fierce, wellness programs such as those offered by Allstate can play a key role in allowing firms Wellness Programs - People Working out at gymto stand out to workers. It can draw new talent and can help to keep employees the company has already hired.

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