Allstate Q3 2019 earnings and revenue beat out predictions

Allstate Q3 2019 - revenue, profit
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The insurance giant has announced its figures for the quarter and they are notably higher than estimates.

The Allstate Q3 2019 numbers are in and the figures are far more favorable than had been widely anticipated for the insurer. The earnings and revenues were significantly better than predicted.

Analysts had been predicting favorable third quarter results, but the insurer managed to do better.

According to the insurer’s reports, the Allstate Q3 2019 earnings were $2.84 per share. This topped virtually all estimates, including the Zacks Consensus Estimate, which had been 12.7 percent lower than the actual figure. Moreover, the insurer a 47 percent year over year earnings growth, greatly lead by its rising revenues.

The company’s third quarter revenues were $10.8 billion, which was also notably higher than many estimates. Looking to Zacks, for instance, the estimate had been 19.9 percent lower than what Allstate actually brought in. The insurer say a 5.7 year over year top line growth. That figure was driven by investment income, raised premiums, higher life premiums and changes in contract charges.

Expenses increased as well as reported in the Allstate Q3 2019 figures.

Allstate’s total expenses saw a 6.7 percent year over year increase. This brought them to $9.9 billion on life contract benefits, property and casualty insurance claims, pension and other post-retirement costs that were higher than they had been during the same quarter in 2018.

Allstate also faced $510 million in catastrophe losses. That said, this represented a substantial drop of 18 percent less than it was in the same quarter last year.

As of September 30, 2019, there were 136.1 million total policies in effect. That represents a dramatic growth of 40.7 percent over the same quarter in 2018.

The Allstate Q3 2019 net investment income was $880 million. That represented a 4.3 percent year over year growth. It saw a $9.3 billion (a 5.8 percent year over year increase) from its property-liability insurance premiums as a result of hiked homeowners and auto insurance and commercial line insurance Allstate Q3 2019 - revenue, profitpremiums. That sector’s $737 million in underwriting costs were also higher by 45.4 percent year over year as a result of the insurer’s dropping operating expenses.

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