Allstate Insurance technology is now Amazon Alexa compatible

Allstate insurance technology

The insurer has added this new feature to make it easier for customers to find info and agents.

Allstate Insurance technology is continually evolving and improving as the insurer works to keep itself on the cutting edge of innovation. This being the case, its latest lineup release has come along with Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Customers using an Alexa device can now ask it for assistance in finding what they need from Allstate.

A customer with an Amazon Echo, for example, can now take advantage of Allstate Insurance technology, too. The customer can ask Alexa for assistance in finding the nearest agency based on zip code, or can even learn more about their bill. They can discover when their next premium payment is due or find out its minimum amount.

Roger Tye, Allstate’s vice president of digital and user experience, said, “Allstate has a history of innovation and consumers expect that to continue from us.” He further elaborated, saying, “Amazon’s innovation with Alexa provided a great avenue for us to connect with our customers in a delightful way, providing them useful information when, where and how they want it.”

This new Allstate Insurance technology makes it easier for customers to use their favorite devices.

Allstate insurance technologyAs a growing number of customers turn to devices other than the traditional computer, the Allstate Insurance Company is working to continue understanding how consumers want to inform themselves. Now, whether policyholders are most comfortable using a mobile phone, a tablet, or now Amazon Alexa, they can effectively inform themselves.

To use the new insurance technology, they need to access the Skills section of their Amazon Alexa App. From there, they can select and enable the Allstate skill. Once it’s enabled, they can use that skill by starting a phrase with “Alexa, ask Allstate…”

With this Allstate Insurance technology, customers can say “Alexa, ask Allstate when my next home insurance bill is due.” Or “Alexa, ask Allstate where the nearest agent is located.” This provides consumers yet another way to conveniently inform themselves about the business, the resources they have available to them and their own unique policies.

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