Allstate Insurance Company recognizes Isaac White for Black History Month campaign

Allstate Insurance Company - White's Barber College Black History Month

The Mobile, Alabama barber will be featured in the insurer’s national African American empowerment campaign.

Allstate Insurance Company is holding a national campaign to help empower the African American community throughout February, Black History Month. As a part of this campaign, it is placing the spotlight on a barber from Mobile, Alabama named Isaac White.

White is an icon within his community and the insurer is proud to draw attention to his achievements.

White is currently 97 years old and he continues to go to work every day. He is the founder of White’s Barber College, which opened its doors in Mobile back in 1960. He’d already been cutting hair before that time. His American success story continues to this day and Allstate Insurance Company was thrilled to be able to share his story with people across the country for Black History Month.

As a part of this campaign, Allstate Insurance Company is sponsoring a fun and educational event today.

Today, February 17, 2017, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at White’s Barber College, Allstate is sponsoring free haircuts. The college was created to offer any applicant tuition-free barber training, provided they complete their coursework and find a job. As a result, White has made a substantial impact on a tremendous number of people. It is no mystery why he is seen as the perfect star for the insurance company’s social media, digital and radio campaign called “Worth Telling.”

Aside from White, Allstate Insurance is also featuring two other African American icons for Black History Month. They include Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse owner, Ariell Johnson from Philadelphia, as well as Camelback Ventures founder and chief executive officer, Aaron Walker, from New Orleans.

Allstate vice president of product marketing, Georgina Flores, explained that “Allstate is committed to creating, supporting and sponsoring programs that empower the African-American community.” She added that “We are celebrating Black History Month by sharing inspirational stories of African-American pioneers who are impacting communities across the country today.”

Allstate Insurance Company is sharing the stories through images and videos on its Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, using the #WorthTelling hashtag.

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