Allstate insurance company named among 100 best companies for working mothers

Allstate insurance company

Working Mother magazine has rated the insurer as among the best place in 2015 to be employed.

Working Mother magazine has released the list of businesses that make up the 2015 Working Mother 100 best Companies and it has named the Allstate insurance company as being among those that are the most committed to implementing policies and programs that make it possible for working moms to be both the best employees and the best parents they can.

Allstate Insurance has made a concerted effort through a range of strategies that appealed to the magazine.

The insurance company’s vice president, chief diversity & organization effectiveness officer, Michael Escobar, said that “Allstate is proud to be recognized as one of the 100 Best Companies for our employee programs and work culture that help working mothers thrive and perform at their highest levels.” He also added that by promoting a workplace that will provide working moms – and all employee groups – with the support they need, it makes it possible for the insurer to “apply our diverse perspectives to better serve our customers’ needs.”

The insurance company is among the 100 Best Companies that received a feature in the magazine’s October/November issue.

Allstate insurance companyAmong the ways that Allstate Insurance drew the attention of Working Mother magazine through its support of working moms both at work and at home, were the following:

• Flexible work arrangements, such as job-sharing, compressed work weeks, telecommuting, and flextime, among others.
• Wellbeing coaching and energy management workshops.
• Access to preventive health and wellbeing resources, for example, onsite clinics, resource centers, pharmacies, and mothers’ rooms.
• National child care discounts and onsite daycare.

Working Mother Media vice president and general manager, Subha Barry explained that this represents the 30th anniversary of the 100 Best Companies list that the magazine has issued. Barry pointed out that it remains important to provide recognition for the businesses, like the Allstate insurance company, that have been leaders in the creation of genuine support for all employees. “They are the vanguard of successful companies, with policies that matter to American families,” said Barry in a company statement.

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