Allstate eases delivery driver insurance terms in Oklahoma

Delivery Driver Insurance - Person driving car

As the need for reliable deliveries skyrockets, those using personal vehicles enjoy loosened coverage rules.

Allstate has voluntarily relaxed its regulations for delivery driver insurance for individuals using their personal vehicles for commercial reasons, said the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner.

The goal is to make it easier for people to receive food and medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Oklahoma Insurance Department has stated that Allstate alerted regulators of its decision. The insurer wanted to ensure that delivery driver insurance was in place. This way, workers would be properly covered when using their personal vehicles for food and medicine deliveries. To do this, the insurer has altered its coverage to remove any terms, conditions or exclusions that otherwise would have applied in these circumstances during the coronavirus state of emergency.

Typically, personal vehicle policies don’t offer coverage for those vehicles when they are being used for commercial reasons. For that coverage, drivers need to purchase an additional commercial auto policy. However, as many restaurants and pharmacies have had to shut their doors to foot traffic, many have become reliant upon drivers who can deliver food and medication. These often come in the form of drivers who don’t usually do this job and who therefore would not have purchased commercial coverage.

Allstate wants to make sure the delivery driver insurance is in place for these individuals during the emergency.

“Some of these people are our valued Allstate customers. The company appreciates their efforts and would like to assist them by temporarily easing certain personal automobile insurance policy restrictions,” said Allstate Insurance Co. regional counsel, Noel Cole Young.

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready praised Allstate’s proactive approach to this situation within a rapidly evolving state of emergency.

“This flexibility will help protect jobs and preserve local economies. I encourage other insurers to find innovative solutions to address this temporary interruption in our everyday lives,” said a media release from the insurance commissioner.

This change in the delivery driver insurance regulations will run for the full extent Delivery Driver Insurance - Person driving carof the state of emergency. It includes motorists with an Allstate personal vehicle policy. Afterward, the regulations for the coverage will return to normal once again.

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