AIG requests more time before Bill Cosby legal fee payout

bill cosby legal insurance

The insurance company is seeking more time because its appeal about an April ruling is still pending.

AIG has asked for more time before being required to pay the Bill Cosby legal fees associated with the controversial lawsuits launched back in 2015.

At the moment, AIG is required to pay over $675,000 to the celebrity to cover his legal costs.

AIG Property Casualty Company says it is entitled to more time before the Bill Cosby legal costs are settled as an appeal to a previous ruling on the subject is still pending. The insurance company has now asked a federal judge in Springfield to hold off the order requiring them to pay. They want to be able to delay it long enough that they have the chance to hear the ruling on their appeal case.

The Bill Cosby legal fees are required to be paid to a trust controlled by the celebrity’s law firm.

bill cosby legal insuranceCosby is still facing civil litigation in Massachusetts. That case, involves accusations of having slandered and sexually assaulted a number of women. AIG has previously been ordered to pay the legal fees for the lawsuits, most recently in April, but it is continuing to appeal the ruling in the hopes of having it overturned.

The insurance company’s filing stated that the entertainer “has informed AIG Property Casualty Company that he intends to execute” the judgment and claim the payment, regardless of the current pending status of the appeal.

AIG has been battling against having to pay for Bill Cosby’s court costs since June 2015. Back at that time, the insurance provider asked a judge to rule that AIG was not required to cover Cosby’s legal fees. The reason the insurer gave was that the women suing Cosby alleged sexual misconduct. As Cosby’s policy does not cover sexual misconduct, the insurance company did not feel it should be required to make a payout on his claim.

Although quite a few women have accused the comedian of sexual assault, the majority have not been successful in court. Criminal charges have resulted from only one of the many accusations. As a result, the Bill Cosby legal fees mainly accumulated from defending himself in cases where there was no guilty verdict.

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