Aetna provides individual health insurance policies to Illinois Costco members

Health insurance sold at costco

Aetna has announced a new individual health insurance plan for members of Costco in Illinois.

Health insurance sold at costcoAetna has just unveiled its latest individual health insurance product which is now being offered to residents of Illinois with a Costco membership.

The product is called the Costco Personal Health Insurance program, and it offers five different types of policies from which its members can choose. These offer a wide doctor and hospital network, a range of different major medical benefits, as well as a spectrum of useful services, information, and tools that are designed to meet the needs of the members of that store.

This same program is already available in other states including Nevada, Texas, Connecticut, Virginia, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Aetna has stated that it has intentions to bring this program into the markets of other states, as well, before the end of 2012.

Aetna head of Individual Business, Barbara DeMaio, said that “We recognize the importance of providing affordable health solutions that deliver value and convenience for individuals and families. We are proud to join with a respected retailer like Costco to provide health insurance options to their members in Illinois.”

The new health insurance plan at Costco offers a range of major medical benefits and dental options.

The Costco Personal Insurance plan is designed to provide its policyholders with additional value, as well, with lower copayments on prescriptions that are filled at Costco pharmacies. Furthermore, each of the plans have additional special features, and they have low premiums available only to members of Costco.

Costco director of Insurance Services, John Conlon, described the product by saying that it provides Costco members the type of advantages that they have come to expect from the products that are available from the chain of warehouse stores.

He said that each of the various health insurance plans from which members can choose has its own unique combination of value, quality, and benefits that are available only to members, such as the lower copayments for drugs purchased from the pharmacies within the stores. Conlon called this type of benefit both convenient and affordable and said that it reflects the commitment of Aetna to make healthcare simpler to use.


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