Accident insurance offered for free to disabled people in Beijing

Disabled Group Accident Insurance

Disabled Group Accident Insurance

Over four hundred thousand to benefit from this new group coverage.

The Beijing Disabled Persons Federation has announced that the 410,000 people in the capital city of China who have a disability will be receiving free group accident insurance to help them to improve their quality of life.

This program is a part of a greater improvement effort to the social security network in China.

By offering accident insurance to the disabled individuals in the city, it is hoped that they will be better able to integrate with the rest of society and the environment in which they live.

The accident insurance will provide the disabled individuals with a number of different benefits.

These include a maximum payment of about $7,860 (50,000 yuan) in the event of an accidental disability or death. In addition, it also provides the free use of tools for public transportation, visiting sights such as museums, and other public places as well as officially organized social activities. It also provides a maximum 10,000 yuan medical benefit.

The president of the federation, Wu Wenyan, made the initial announcement of the free coverage at the accident insurance signing ceremony with the PICC Property and Casualty Company Ltd, which is a Beijing based insurer.

The director of rights protection from the federation, Zhao Yunsheng, who is running the project, also added that the municipal government for the city has pledged a support of 18 million yuan in order to help to cover the project over the next three years. It is hoped that the program will work to provide long term benefits for Beijing’s disabled populations.

So far, the first year of accident insurance cost the federation about 6 million yuan to cover the disabled in the city. These residents of Beijing will be issued special ID cards from the government to show their disabilities so that they can receive the proper services to assist them.

According to Yunsheng, who spoke of the accident insurance program, “We are exploring the new model of using commercial tools to improve the social welfare system for people with disabilities, and if it works out well, we will receive more financing from the government to continue the policy and expand the insurance coverage.”

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