5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Migrate to the Cloud

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We are living in a world of ones and zeros and as we move into a new dimension of digital connectivity, every business should be connected to the cloud. Storing your data on a secure remote server makes total sense, a lot safer than storing it on your office hard drives and with that in mind, here are a few compelling reasons to migrate your business data to the cloud.

  • Bookkeeping & accounting – Once you have a secure cloud network, create a username and password for your accountant for instant access. No more visits to your office, as the accountant can access the data at any time. Search online for the best small business accounting Sydney has to offer and see your bills reduced and tax returns filed on time. Time is money and your accountant can access the data they need without having to bother you.
  • Access from any location – You and your staff can access the network from any location, using any digital device. No special software is needed, just a web browser and you are good to go! Whether a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC, you can log in at any time and update in real-time, which is a game-changer. The 21st century business arena is global and you can compete with the best when your data is stored on a remote server.
  • Update in real time – You could be in Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else and any changes you make are automatically saved. This keeps all stakeholders on the same page and reduces the risk of errors; if your business is global and time zones come into the equation, the cloud brings many benefits, including real-time video communication.small businesses and the cloud with security
  • Cutting-edge cyber-security – When you set up a cloud network, the provider uses the best cyber-security to protect your data, which gives you and your customers peace of mind. In the event a hacker tries to access your network, the malicious code is automatically quarantined and its origin tracked. In this day and age, you can’t take data security for granted. Click here for details on cyber insurance for Australian businesses.
  • VoIP communication – Real-time video is not only a game-changer but also very affordable; you can manage your sales team remotely and enjoy video calls with your customers. All employees can make good use of VoIP using a platform like Zoom and you won’t have sky-high phone bills. The platform has very powerful online collaboration tools that make life much easier and if you would like a free demo, talk to an Australian managed IT services provider.

Most small businesses outsource their accounting, digital marketing and network requirements, which streamlines their business processes and makes the organisation more efficient. If you would like to learn more about cloud data storage, approach a leading Australian-managed IT services company and let the experts show you what cloud computing can do for your business.

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